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Supreme sound: QED unveils Supremus Zr – its latest next-generation flagship loudspeaker cable

Featuring leading-edge QED audio innovations, the new Zr model now boasts high-quality zirconia plugs and barrels. Used in watches and fountain pens and in automotive and aerospace industries, this advanced ceramic material is prized for its durability and high resistance to wear, temperature and eddy currents. Its lustrous surface also adds a luxury finish to the cable.

QED celebrates 50 years with special edition Golden Anniversary XT speaker cable featuring X-Tube™ Plus technology

British audio specialist QED celebrates its 50th anniversary in style, with the introduction of its Golden Anniversary XT speaker cable. Representing the culmination of five decades of dedicated and extensive research, engineering and audio expertise, Golden Anniversary XT speaker cable is the ideal upgrade for any hi-fi enthusiast who wants to experience the sonic benefits of a high-end speaker cable – but at a real-world price..

QED’s new Performance Optical Ultra High Speed HDMI 2.1 cable delivers 8K and 10K video over long cable AV installations

British audio specialists QED introduces its Performance Optical Ultra High Speed HDMI cable, designed to transfer a maximum compressed video resolution of up to 48Gb/s 10K@120Hz* over long cable runs of 7.5 to 20 metres in length.

QED announces future-proofed Performance HDMI Active Optical Cable for high-end 8K installations

British audio specialists QED has today unveiled the new Performance HDMI Active Optical Cable – a future-proofed HDMI cable designed…

QED enhances audio offering with new Reference XT40i, Performance Audio 40i and XT25 Bi-Wire cables

QED has been designing and engineering superior AV cables for over 45 years, with its QED 79 strand cable, released…

QED’s new Reference Ethernet cable has the bandwidth and headroom to deal with the highest of high-resolution audio – and beyond

British audio specialist QED introduces its Reference Ethernet cable, designed to provide the most accurate, most stable connection possible between networked devices.

QED XT5 and XT3 power cables promises clean, distortion-free current flow for audio electronics

British audio specialists QED introduces the XT5 and XT3 mains power cable duo, designed to deliver clean, distortion-free current flow and allows sensitive audio electronics to operate at their optimum level and deliver the best possible audio performance.

QED Connect: A great value range of AV cables and adapters covering all connectivity bases

British audio specialists QED introduces its new Connect range of great value AV cables and adapters, custom-designed to deliver the best performance at an affordable price. As technology evolves any meaningful future connectivity requirement will also be incorporated into the ‘living’ QED Connect family, making this series of cables truly indispensable.

QED’s new Performance Ultra High Speed HDMI 2.1 cable supports full 8K video content

The Performance Ultra High Speed HDMI 2.1 cable is designed to handle high-quality, uncompressed 8K video at up to 60 frames per second. Succeeding the company’s Performance Premium range of digital cables and remaining at the same price, this single HDMI 2.1 cable is an affordable, top-quality proposition for all dedicated home cinema enthusiasts.

QED unveils Reference Audio 40 interconnect with second generation Analoc™ plug technology

QED introduces the latest version of its award-winning Reference Audio 40 interconnect, featuring second generation Analoc™ plug technology. 

QED’s updated and improved Reference High Resolution USB cable now available

QED’s Reference High Resolution USB cable has been updated and improved with a slimmer, more flexible profile, and an enhanced…

QED has defined hi-fi cables since 1973 and now ensures the best quality audio and visual performance, whatever your system or budget…

Good cables make a world of difference to any audio or visual system. Alongside performance, it’s important to get the…