QED has defined hi-fi cables since 1973 and now ensures the best quality audio and visual performance, whatever your system or budget…

Good cables make a world of difference to any audio or visual system. Alongside performance, it’s important to get the right size, form and feature set for your tech in a world of fast moving innovation, from Hi-Fi to TV, wireless speakers to home cinema systems. The right cable works brilliantly through performance and convenience – spend a few minutes selecting the right one for your system and room and you’ll be able to hide it but have a constant reminder of the job it is doing every day.

QED allows you to pick and choose the right cable for you so you can enjoy your system and ensure it’s hitting the performance the designers of your system intended. This statement is true of a £200 system as much as a fully fledged audiophile hi-fi set-up or impressive home cinema.

Cable types explained


These cables come in two forms – speaker cables for connecting your loudspeaker to an amplifier and interconnects for hooking up source components such as a CD player, tuner, turntable, amplifier or a phono stage for dedicated vinyl fans.


Digital cables generally come in four types, HDMI (see below), optical, Coaxial and data. Optical, coaxial and data cables connect digital audio signals from the digital output socket of devices such as Blu-ray/DVD players, CD players, set-top boxes and games consoles to amplifiers and digital-to analogue-converters (DACs). Data cables are designed to transmit high definition digital audio between USB audio components, such as a computer, storage device and DAC.


This single digital cable is designed to connect audio visual sources such as a Blu-ray/DVD players, set-top boxes, games consoles and home cinema AV receiver to a digital TV.

QED speaker cable range

QED has been at the forefront of the speaker cable technology since it was founded in 1973, introducing the first ever specialist speaker cable, the QED 79 strand, in 1978. Its speaker cables has won more What Hi-fi? awards than any other single brand, while every speaker cable comes with a lifetime guarantee. This longstanding British company offers a wide range of speaker cables and interconnects – from entry-level to audiophile-grade – to suit all budgets and system types…

QED Micro (£2.50 per metre)

This entry-level compact cable sports a low-profile to seamlessly integrate into any listening environment under carpets and around door frames.

Recommended interconnect cable: QED Profile Audio (from £22.95)

QED Original (£4.50 per metre)

This budget cable has double the cross sectional area of the QED Micro to increase the fidelity of the signal between the amplifier and loudspeaker.

Recommended interconnect cable: QED Performance Audio Graphite (from £24.95)

QED Performance XT25 (£6.50 per metre)

Similar in design to QED Original, this entry-level hi-fi cable features the company’s proprietary X-Tube™ technology, enabling each frequency to pass with equal ease for a more balanced sound.

Recommended interconnect cable: QED Performance Audio Graphite (from £24.95)

QED Reference XT40 (£10 per metre)

A hi-fi-grade cable that features a larger cross sectional area than the XT25 to reduce resistance and further enhance signal quality. Like its Reference series sibling it also features X-Tube™ technology. This cable is also available in the UK and US in 2 metre (£109.95/$129.99) and 5 metre (£169.99/$129.99) models.

Recommended interconnect cable: QED Performance Audio 40 (from £44.95)

QED Reference XT400 (£25 per metre)

Adopting X-Tube™ technology, this is the ultimate affordable speaker cable upgrade for high end systems.

Recommended interconnect cable: QED Reference Audio 40 (from £94.95)

QED Signature Genesis Silver Spiral (£45 per metre)

Thicker than the XT400 this audiophile-grade speaker cable introduces QED’s innovative Aircore™ technology that eliminates resistance at high frequencies which has a detrimental effect on the fidelity of the sound you hear.

Recommended interconnect cable: QED Signature Audio 40 (from £189.95)

QED Signature Supremus (£140 per metre)

QED’s flagship reference cable boasts the largest cross sectional area of pure copper ever incorporated into a QED loudspeaker cable. This enables Supremus to deliver the ultra-low resistance needed to ensure perfect fidelity of the musical signal. It also features Aircore™ technology.

Recommended interconnect cable: QED Supremus RCA (tbc)

All QED cables feature:

  • 99.999% Oxygen-free copper to increase conductivity for a purer sound. The XT400, Genesis Silver Spiral and Supremus models feature silver-plated copper for an enhanced performance
  • Low-loss low density Polyethylene jacket that minimises electrical energy loss in the cable insulation which can adversely effect the sound compared with cheaper PVC alternatives
  • Airloc™ plugs. QED proprietary technology that provides a strong, cold-weld join which eliminates oxidisation of the contact surfaces for a more robust connection over the lifetime of the cable

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QED Performance XT25

QED Reference XT40

QED Reference XT400

QED Signature Genesis Silver Spiral

QED Signature Supremus