QED enhances audio offering with new Reference XT40i, Performance Audio 40i and XT25 Bi-Wire cables

 has been designing and engineering superior AV cables for over 45 years, with its QED 79 strand cable, released in 1976, widely recognised as the world’s first “specialist” speaker cable – a product that demonstrated how cables could have a tangible impact on audio performance. Since then, the company has used extensive scientific research and computer-aided design techniques to ensure its products remain at the very cutting edge of technology.

That rich heritage and constant drive for innovation underpins QED’s latest products, announced today: the QED Reference XT40i speaker cable, QED Performance Audio 40i interconnect and QED XT25 Bi-Wire speaker cable. All cables deliver an enhanced sonic performance without compromising on their competitive price points.

QED Reference XT40i (available in October, priced £11 a metre / US pricing at the end of the release)

An update to 2014’s classic, award-winning XT40 speaker cable, the XT40i features several technological upgrades to further enhance its best-in-class premium performance.

QED’s extensive research has uncovered the importance of cable dielectric (insulation) in optimising the sonic performance of a cable. The XT40i has improved on an already successful cable by designing a groundbreaking Air Gap ™ dielectric construction. This technology reduces the cable’s dissipation factor and capacitance by half, resulting in vastly improved musical timing, a wider soundstage and improved bass control over its predecessor.

QED’s innovative proprietary X-Tube™ technology means the XT40i exhibits less distortion at high frequencies than standard speaker cables, improving overall performance through a level of timing and imaging usually found on much more expensive cables.

Elsewhere XT40i’s huge 4.0mm² cross sectional area lowers loop resistance, while its 99.999% oxygen-free copper construction offers improved conductivity over standard copper. These characteristics reduce listener fatigue and boost musicality, making longer listening sessions more comfortable and enjoyable.

As with all QED speaker cables, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

QED Performance Audio 40i (available in October, priced from £39.95 / 0.6m / US pricing at the end of the release)

The Performance Audio 40 set a new standard in technological innovation for a mid-range analogue interconnect. Its successor, the Performance Audio 40i has undergone a complete overhaul on its predecessor with improvements made in almost all areas of the cable design, including, a QED first –  the introduction of Solid Core Complementary Conductors™ over the previous standard conductor design.

Designed as a response to the results of QED’s Genesis Report. these stereo interconnects’ Solid Complementary Conductor technology reduces capacitance by a quarter compared to the original model, resulting in an enlargement of the stereo sound-stage.

Another major innovation is the introduction of one Oxygen Free Copper Conductor and one Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper Conductor to carry the same audio signal. The equivalent of having two cables in one this design helps provide an alternative route for high and low frequencies, reducing the “smearing” and disruption of the audio signal which would otherwise occur in a single, one material conductor configuration. The upshot is improved rhythm, enhanced clarity and tighter control.

Ferrite insulation technology has been retained from the Performance Audio 40 to absorb high frequency noise and decrease timing errors and deliver a cleaner signal, while the use of QED’s Anamate RCA plugs means a reduction in “eddy currents” and an improvement in high frequency detail.

As with all QED speaker cables, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

QED XT25 Bi-Wire (available in October, priced £12 a metre / US pricing at the end of the release)

Building on the success of QED’s award-winning XT25 speaker cable, XT25 Bi-Wire is designed to bring the unparalleled performance of QED’s X-Tube™ cable technology and X-Quad geometry to an affordable bi-wire or bi-amp speaker cable.

This new bi-wire version delivers enhanced rhythmic accuracy and musicality with the X-Quad geometry lowering inductance to reveal more detail. QED’s proprietary X-Tube X-Tube™ technology, enables each frequency to pass with equal ease for a more balanced sound, while improving timing and stereo imaging.

Elsewhere, a 99.999% Oxygen-free copper construction increases conductivity for a purer sound, while a low-loss, low density Polyethylene jacket minimises electrical energy loss in the cable insulation which can adversely effect the sound compared with cheaper PVC alternatives. The result is the single most impressive pound-for-pound upgrade your system you can have.

Like all QED speaker cables, the XT25 Bi-Wire offers a lifetime guarantee.


QED Reference XT40i speaker cable

QED Reference XT40i   £11/m

QED Reference XT40i Pre-terminated 2M – £109.95 / $129.00

QED Reference XT40i Pre-terminated 3M – £129.95 / $159.00

QED Reference XT40i Pre-terminated 5M – £169.95 / $199.00

QED Performance Audio 40i interconnect

QED Performance Audio 40i 0.6M  – £39.95 / $49.00

QED Performance Audio 40i 1M – £49.95 / $59.00

QED Performance Audio 40i 2M – £69.95 / $85.00

QED Performance Audio 40i 3M – £79.95 / $95.00           –

QED XT25 Bi-Wire speaker cable

QED XT25 Bi-Wire £12/m

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QED Reference XT40i speaker cable

QED Performance Audio 40i interconnect

QED XT25 Bi-Wire speaker cable